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Do you want to hold an official ceremony for a traditional rite of passage for your child? Do you want a dignified religious service for the death of a loved one?

Our officiants are attentive and professional in offering you a celebration that meets your expectations, while respecting your convictions and traditions.
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Baptism ceremonies

Baptism is a rite of passage of Christian tradition. The word “baptism” has its origins in Latin and Greek and means “to dive into a liquid, to immerse”. According to the habits and customs of each, it can take different names such as “child care” or “children’s signings“.

Originally sacred ceremony symbolizing the rebirth of the believer in his new life and his entry into the house of God, baptism consists to pour water on the newborn to purify it. It is also during this celebration that the godfather and godmother are named.

Whatever form you want to give to this particular celebration, whether religious or not, the celebrants of Centre Amour et Mariage take the necessary steps to baptize the person of your choice according to your recommendations.

Baptism ceremony for a young child
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Funerals are an obligatory step of mourning. To say goodbye to a loved one in the best conditions, a ceremony organized by professionals such as the Center’s officiants is essential.

We offer a funeral ceremony worthy and in line with your beliefs. Regardless of your religion and your convictions, we offer a custom-made funeral service.

Secular or religious funeral, spiritual or not, our ministers of religion demonstrate adaptability according to your expectations.

In addition to the protocol aspect, our officiants are always respectful and empathetic towards the grieving family. They accompany you throughout your trial and provide you with strong moral support.

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Whether to celebrate life or to pay tribute to a departed, count on trained and recognized officiants for the organization of ceremonies of rites of passage in Montreal, Saint-Jerome and the rest of Quebec. Call 514 582-6691 or complete our contact form now for more information about our services. We are at your disposal 7 days a week.